Design of customized machines
Dedicated to your process

   As processes are specific to your medical devices, you may have to design and install customized machines during automation phase of your production line.
NEOMED Services gives you support in :

Designing and installing equipments dedicated to your process ;
Developing new processes.

Technical audit
Detecting priorities for improvement

   Auditing your process by an external person gives you a different point of view. By this way you can identify dysfunctions and areas for improvement.

Process optimization and automation
To improve productivity

   Automation and optimization of your processes do not necessary need to design and install a customized machine. Usually, an equipment, a tool, a better methodology or a new organization can significantly improve productivity and reduce production costs.

   After a technical audit, NEOMED Services gives you solutions to improve your process, in accordance with your requirements and your constraints.

Supplier and material sourcing
To meet your needs and requirements

   For your product components, raw materials, equipments or subcontractors, choosing your supplier is crucial and you have to pay attention of it. Casting error may have serious consequences.

   Thanks to its network and its experience, NEOMED Services guides you to choose and validate your suppliers or subcontractors to meet your requirements.

Industrialization and methods
Reliable and validated manufacturing processes for compliant products

   Manufacturing processes are the basis of your product. Be they special or not, linked to equipments or not, their validation is essential for the respect of your product specifications. Among the processes, the sterilization is one of the most critical. We recommend you to strongly pay attention to it.

NEOMED Services helps you in :

Validating special processes ;
The sterilization validation ;
Qualifying equipment.

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