Design specifications
Defining your product requirements

   By drafting your design specifications, you can list your product requirements and specifications. This tool will follow you throughout the design phase and define validation steps.

Structuring, organizing and boosting
Your product design

   Medical device design materializes within a strong legal framework.To meet legal requirements, we offer practical and technical solutions in accordance with the regulation throughout the whole design process.

NEOMED Services supports you by :

Initiating your design process ;
Formalizing your design ;
Providing technical support and design assistance, CAD, sourcing ;
Packaging, prototyping, sourcing ;
Auditing, suppliers validation.

Design file
Summarizing design data

    NEOMED Services helps you in drawing up your product design file. This document gathers all development data: selected solutions, design calculation, plans, tests reports...

More serenity with solid suppliers

   NEOMED Services assists you in searching and selecting suppliers for your product components and subcontractors for manufacturing. The choice is based on an analysis of their costs and quality of service. If necessary, we audit suppliers or subcontractors.

Preclinical evaluation
Making the right choices at the right time

   Design verification (also named preclinical evaluation) is an essential step for the development of new medical devices. At this stage, we run a first evaluation on the medical device but also check if the device and its manufacturing are in conformity with the legal requirements. This verification is performed thanks to a precise, representative sampling and appropriate testing (chemical, physical, biological etc…).

NEOMED Services guides you through the following process :

Drafting your preclinical evaluation report (defining the sampling scheme and the tests to be performed) ;
Analyzing the preclinical results ;
Sourcing of contractors ;
Drafting the stability protocol in storage conditions.

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